Brave Dog is an award-winning full service video production company specializing in corporate video, digital marketing, and aerial photo & video, with the capabilities to take on a wide gamut of project scopes and applications. We can create dynamic and informative content with a unique visual approach suited specifically to your business and brand. ​

We create videos that work wonders for businesses and brands, from attracting and educating customers, to training employees, to simply telling a story. Our mission is to help our clients leverage the power of video to communicate their passions and achieve their goals.

Our team works with all the latest technology, equipment, and software, and is able to offer our services to clients nationwide. We are based in Cincinnati and can provide studio space central to the Cincinnati area. Although we are not limited to the following areas, here are some of our featured cities:

Contact us today to learn more, and find out what we can do for your business and brand!

Brave Dog offices
filming at race track