Take Your Video Project to New Heights

Getting professional quality aerial video footage is more accessible than you may realize. Brave Dog is your Greater Cincinnati-area source for superb aerial videos filmed by a professional videographer and FAA certified commercial drone pilot.

Nothing makes an impression like an aerial view. Aerial videos can be highly impactful for:

  • Showing a bird’s eye view of events
  • Providing a full view of a job site and operations
  • Offering an impressive view of corporate headquarters
  • Promoting a destination with an enticing perspective
  • Capturing an expansive view of structures and grounds

Because we understand and are fully compliant with all FAA safety regulations, you’ll never have to worry about your project being done in accordance with best practices. And since Brave Dog is a highly talented creative team, you can be assured your aerial videos will be spectacular.

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Why Work with Brave Dog for Your Aerial Videos?

Brave Dog is more than a video provider with aerial video capabilities. Our award-winning group functions as your video production department. We employ our professional expertise and creative talent in the development of stunning aerial videos that are responsibly filmed to reflect positively on your business and reputation.

Other than our camera drones, we operate with low overhead. That means we keep production costs down and your project affordable. Our goal is to be an ongoing partner you can rely on for more aerial videos and other future video projects.

Brave Dog will coordinate your entire aerial video project, from creative development to providing correctly formatted video files. Knowing that your video project is in good hands, you can focus on everything else you have going on with your business.

Brave Dog uses the latest video and photo editing technology to edit and deliver stunning aerial videos to our clients. Our team is well versed in industry-leading software including Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. We deliver your finished aerial videos using the user-friendly and easily accessible Dropbox platform.

Ready to create some amazing aerial videos? We can’t wait to work with you! Learn more about our video production services or contact us to discuss your project.