Bring An Audience Virtually Anywhere

Copy, static photos, or even a video clip only begin to offer an accurate depiction of a space. The virtual tour is an interactive and immersive experience that effectively puts the viewer in that space. Virtual tours offer many advantages:

  • They’re controlled by the viewer, resulting in increased engagement
  • They create a personal and compelling experience for the viewer
  • They allow you to show your space to a much larger audience
  • They give clients an appreciated alternative to costly and time-consuming travel

A well-produced virtual tour can be easily embedded on your website or in social media posts. Viewers will not have to download or install anything to experience the tour. As a media tool, virtual tours have the added benefit of being:

  • Self-contained and shareable
  • Accessible for viewing 24/7
  • Viewable on a wide range of devices and platforms
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Virtual Tour screenshot

Why Work with Brave Dog for Virtual Tour Production?

Brave Dog is more than a highly experienced and award-winning video production company. Unlike a typical out-sourced service provider, we prefer to work with you as an extension of your team. We take the time to understand your project and purpose, then guide you, using the best techniques and technology to create a virtual tour that will get the results you want.

We will not only work hard to impress you, we’ll work efficiently to keep your production costs affordable. We’re committed to being an ongoing partner you can count on for more virtual tours and other video projects.

Our full service team will coordinate your entire project, from start to finish. Knowing that your virtual tour production is in good hands, you can focus on everything else you have to do.

Brave Dog works with the industry’s best video and photo editing technology to create, edit, and complete impressive virtual tours that will wow your viewers. Our team is highly experienced in using industry-leading software including Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. We deliver your digital virtual tour files through the user-friendly and easily accessible Dropbox platform.

Ready to create an amazing virtual tour? We can’t wait to work with you! Learn more about our video production services or contact us to discuss your project.