Compelling Commercial Photography

Brave Dog is not only your source for video that captivates, but also commercial photography that is attention-gaining and compelling. The photographs you use in your print and digital marketing are a critical representation of the quality of your business.


Let us bring a unique, visual approach to your brand. Let’s talk.


Maximize the impact of your advertising campaigns by visually focusing on the needs of your target audience. Our advertising photography services cover print advertising, digital platforms, social media, and more, tailoring the visuals to meet both your objectives and your budgetary considerations.


Capturing your team’s essence with exceptional headshots is the key to showcasing your most valuable asset – your people. We will bring our experienced professionals to your location to photograph your team, while also being mindful of your needs and budget.

Live Events

Immerse your audience in the experience of live events through our expert event photography services. Whether it’s a ribbon-cutting ceremony, corporate event, trade show, or PR event, our photographers will skillfully capture the moments and memories of the day.


Capture the essence of your commercial buildings and environments through our architecture photography. Utilizing advanced lighting and shooting techniques, we ensure your architectural assets are portrayed in the best possible light.

360° Photography

Bring your locations and services to life with immersive 360° photography. Showcase your offerings online with captivating views that engage your audience and drive conversions.

Aerial Photography

Elevate your commercial sales and marketing efforts with our specialized aerial photography services. Our team includes an FAA certified commercial drone pilot to provide stunning aerial images that align with your specific needs and while preserving peace-of-mind that the job will be done right.