Generate Excitement with Live Stream Production

Live streaming is more popular and accessible than ever before. A diverse range of businesses and organizations are using live streaming production services for sharing conferences, events, and more. There are many factors that make live streaming highly effective:

  • The spontaneous nature of live streaming generates excitement
  • Creates a sense of closeness and connection between presenter and viewer
  • Live broadcasts seem less scripted, lending credibility to the messaging
  • Ability to reach a much wider audience
  • Remote participants can actively participate in real time
  • Ability to personally interact with viewers using Q&A sessions
  • Event attendees will appreciate saving time and money

Brave Dog is here to help you leverage the power of real time communication with our live streaming production services. We will guide you, using the best techniques and tools to create an event that draws attention, creates excitement, and makes a lasting impression.

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Why Work with Brave Dog for Your Live Streaming Project?

Brave Dog is more than a video production services provider. Our award-winning team functions as your video production services department. After discussing your goals for your live streaming project, our team will assist you in developing your event through our knowledgeable and experienced perspective.

Using industry-leading technology, we will produce a live stream event that exceeds your expectations. While we work hard to impress, we also work efficiently to keep your production costs down. We’re committed to being an ongoing partner you can count on for more live streaming events and other video projects.

As a full service video production company, we can incorporate special features into your live stream, such as graphic overlays or aerial video footage. Our team will coordinate your entire project, so you can have confidence in knowing that your live streaming is in good hands, while you focus on your event.

OBS LogoBrave Dog uses Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) for live events.

Ready to tap into the power of live streaming? We can’t wait to work with you! Learn more about our video production services or contact us to discuss your project.