What Should I Do to Prepare for the Filming of My Video Project?

Once you make the decision to develop a corporate video or promotional video there is a lot to do to prepare. You must find a reliable video production company to work with, and determine what your video content will be – from message and scripts, to filming locations and subjects. Once you have settled on the general narrative and content for your video, and have the filming day scheduled, is there anything else you should do to prepare?
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How to Get Ready for Your Video Shoot

Through our years of experience with filming corporate videos and other video projects, we have made a lot of valuable observations that can benefit participants involved in filming and production. Below is a guide that we have compiled and now provide to our clients to help them get ready for the shoot.

How to prepare:

Rest, food and hydration are key. We want you to feel and look your best! This means getting a good night’s sleep and water beforehand (and during) is a must. We also recommend eating a light meal in advance, avoiding milk or yogurt – as it can impact your voice quality.

Even if we are doing a casual testimonial or interview, prepare some talking points to reference so we can keep everything on track.

Inform any staff and/or customers of the shoot. This just gives them the opportunity to prepare or convey any concerns prior to the day of the shoot.

What to wear:

  • Wear comfortable, natural-looking and fitted clothing.
  • Solid colors are safest.
  • Neutrals, soft blues and browns are recommended.

What not to wear:

  • Try to avoid “hot” colors, like hot pink, green, yellow, purple, orange, etc.
  • Avoid close, high-contrast patterns like pinstripes or corduroy, as they can result in a weird “wavy” (moiré) effect and it can look like there are lines moving all around your clothes
  • Avoid flashy or oversized jewelry; it has a tendency to reflect light in odd ways and it can also make unwanted noise when you’re mic’d up
  • If we’re using the green screen, most importantly, please do not wear green. White and reflective accessories also tend to pick up green, so we recommend keeping jewelry at a minimum and not wearing, or wearing very little, white.
  • Please refrain from wearing clothes with unrelated writing, brands, and icons, as they would likely need to be blurred out in post-production.

When you work with the Brave Dog team, we strongly encourage you to let us know if you have any questions or needs. Our goal is to not only create a fantastic video that meets and exceeds your expectations, but to make your entire video project experience to be fun and enjoyable.

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