Post-Pandemic Ways Video Can Benefit Education

The pandemic taught us a lot about adapting and making adjustments to stay productive during isolation. Among the most impacted were schools and educational facilities. Video became an indispensable tool for maintaining communication between educators and students. Even as most restrictions have eased and schools move back to normal classroom models, for many learning institutions the use of video will continue.

Videos as Educational and Resource Tools

using online educational videosDuring the pandemic, Brave Dog helped Greater-Cincinnati area educators discover ways to use video in overcoming distance-learning challenges. Many are continuing to use these video tools to connect with students, because the video approach can offer greater flexibility and efficiency than conducting face to face meetings or in-person events.

A few examples of educational video projects include:

  • Shadowing videos for student orientation
  • Video course descriptions
  • Fieldtrip experiences
  • Demonstrations lab lessons
  • Interactive learning experiences
  • Livestream events and graduation ceremonies

Promote Academic Institutions, Programs, & Enrollment

Beyond use as learning tools, videos can be used to achieve promotional goals such as increasing enrollment or boosting fundraising campaigns. Some of the ways schools, universities, and colleges are using video to self-promote include:

  • Virtual tours of campus & dorms
  • Student ambassador interviews
  • Faculty introduction interviews
  • Livestream events
  • Promote new plans and developments
  • Showcase surrounding community
  • How-to explainer videos
  • Offer free remote sample classes

Educational Video Benefits

Academic professionals are continuing to explore ways to use video to enhance their programs and outreach. Video presentations benefit students because they can be available for on-demand access at any time, from anywhere. Advantages for faculty and administrators are time and resources saved, which would otherwise need to be allocated for in person meetings and events.

Ready to learn more about how you and your organization can benefit from professional video production services? Contact the Brave Dog team to discuss your goals.

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