Five Reasons Why You Need a Corporate Video

The corporate video concept has been around for a while, but never before has this dynamic marketing tool been so widely used. In the past, companies made corporate videos and kept stacks of them in VHS format on a shelf with other promotional materials. Sales reps would take on trips, or show them on a portable television at trade shows.

In today’s digital world, corporate videos have come off of the shelf, and are being sent to more places than a salesperson can travel, and to wider audiences than a trade show can reach.

If you have not thought about making a corporate video, or updating one you have, you are missing serious opportunities to supercharge your marketing and branding efforts. Read on to learn just five reasons why you need a corporate video.

1. Video is More Interesting Than an About Us Page

You may have an interesting history or story behind your business, but realistically, how often will website visitors take the time to read the narrative on your About Us page? Research shows that consumers prefer watching videos to reading text marketing. Your corporate video will tell your prospects about you in a compelling and memorable way.

2. Search Engines Favor Video in Search Results

For years, trends have been moving more and more toward video marketing. Google has moved toward responding to consumer preference for video by ranking video content higher than text content. In fact, 87% of marketers report that that video has increased traffic to their website. Adding a corporate video to your home page is a great way to generate interest and improve rankings.

3. Video Is Ideal For Social Engagement

Sharing your corporate video is incredibly simple given the wide range of social media available. From business to consumer channels on Facebook and Instagram, to business oriented platforms, like LinkedIn, it is easy to post and share your corporate video message with the world. Add to that the fact that people are twice as likely to share video content, you have the perfect way to exponentially expand your marketing reach.

4. Video Tells Your Story Without Limitations

Not only are corporate videos informative, they have the potential to be entertaining, engaging, and memorable in ways that text and static images cannot. An experienced video production services professional can provide the creativity and insight needed to produce a video that captivates viewers and compels action. Features like virtual tours and aerial videos can be integrated to add a unique dimension to your corporate video.

5. Video Personalizes Your Company

Everyone understands the importance of presenting your products, services, and capabilities to persuade prospects you are worthy of gaining their business. Too often, companies overlook or underestimate the power of a personal connection in doing business. The most accessible way to make a personal connection with your potential customers is creating a corporate video. Explain your business goals, introduce your employees, and show your facilities to create a feeling of familiarity and build a sense of trust.

Why Work with Brave Dog for Your Corporate Video?

The award-winning Brave Dog team will work with you to create a corporate video that establishes your image, inspires confidence, and generates enthusiasm for your business. We do whatever it takes to produce videos that exceed your expectations, but we also work hard to keep your production costs down. We want to be a partner you can count on for ongoing branded content videos as well as other affordable video projects.

Ready to create a sensational corporate video? We can’t wait to work with you! Contact us to discuss what we can do for your business and brand.

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