Should You Have Your Video Production Team Travel for a Project?

There is no question that today’s world is digitally-driven and highly interconnected. Most things we do can be done online, from personal shopping to business meetings with people from coast to coast.

As video production professionals, our job is to produce stories in the form of videos that can be delivered to audiences everywhere. Oftentimes in order to do that, our physical presence in a particular location is necessary, so we can capture the experience where and as it occurs.

On Location Video Makes for a More Authentic Message

There are lots of ways to take short cuts for the sake of ease and saving time. For some video projects, it might be simpler to opt for still photographs or stock video, rather than traveling to film on location. Alternatively, having your video production team go to your subject will really enhance the authenticity of your message. This will ultimately lead to a deeper connection between your viewers and your story.

Are Most Videographers Willing to Travel?

Many videographers are indeed willing to travel for work projects, but it can depend on their schedule, availability, and preferences. Also, video production services involving travel sometimes come at a premium cost.

When hiring a videographer for work involving travel, here are some basic questions to ask:

  • Are you available on the dates needed for the project? Will you have flexibility if schedule changes are needed?
  • What are your travel requirements and associated costs?
  • Have you worked on similar projects that involve travel before?
  • What type of equipment do you use? Do you typically travel with what you need?
  • Can you provide references from previous clients for similar projects?
  • Do travel requirements add a lot of time to the project turnaround time?
  • How do you prefer to communicate when you are on the road working on a project?

We Love Taking Our Show on the Road

While we can’t answer for most videographers, we can tell you that the Brave Dog team is happy to travel for projects! Filming on location can offer unique challenges, and we enjoy coming up with creative ways to meet them.

We work hard to create impressive videos that meet and exceed your expectations. Our team also always works diligently to keep your production costs down. This is a huge advantage we offer our clients, particularly when projects involve travel. Our small team travels lightly and efficiently. We will even save you time, too, with our ability to edit remotely and provide quick raw footage if needed.

Need a Specific Video Location? Our Team Will Meet You There!

Our team is based in Cincinnati, but we are able to offer our services to clients in many areas. Here are some the cities we regularly travel to:

Our wanderlust is definitely not limited to these areas! Contact us to discuss your project and where you need to go. We are ready and excited to work with you!

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