Value of Small Groups for Developing Video Concepts

Deciding to create a professional video for your business or organization is just the first step in the process of creating a video that is an impactful communication and sales tool. The next step is to develop the concept for your video.

Throughout our years of working with clients, we’ve often seen them struggle with concept development, especially if there are too many people involved in the decision making. We strongly encourage our clients to use a small group approach to the process of developing a video concept. In this post, we will explain why this is an effective strategy.

What is a Video Concept?

When we refer to the “video concept” what we mean is the overarching idea, theme, or creative vision behind a video production. This encompasses the central message, tone, style, and visual elements that guide the entire video’s development process. A well-defined video concept serves as the foundation upon which all decisions regarding scripting, filming, editing, sound design, and other production aspects are built. It helps ensure cohesiveness and clarity in conveying the intended message or story to the audience. A strong concept serves as a blueprint that helps creators stay focused and consistent throughout the production process.

What Makes a Small Group Effective for Video Concept Development?

Knowing what is involved in establishing the video concept, it is easy to see how this could be a challenge in terms of bringing people together to find a consensus. While a large group may have difficulty coming together, small groups seem to be more conducive to encouraging people to work as a team. Small groups are more intimate in nature and foster the opportunity for personal interaction and more meaningful sharing of ideas.

Steps for Helping Your Group Engage Effectively

We understand that one of the hardest parts about making a video is how to get started. As we have said, your video starts with a concept, and small groups can be highly effective in developing ideas for that concept. As you gather participants for your small group, consider the following strategies that will help harness this team’s creative potential.

Create a Diverse Team

Gather a small team with diverse skills and perspectives. If possible, include members from different departments or parts of your organization. Diverse viewpoints can lead to more innovative ideas.

Define a Purpose

Are you trying to educate, entertain, promote a product, or tell a story? Having a clear objective will guide the brainstorming process. Provide the team with relevant information to prepare them for the discussion. This ensures that the ideas generated align with the company’s goals and image.

Begin with Brainstorming

The brainstorming phase should focus on open discussion and idea generation. It should be a freeform process where the goal is the quantity of ideas, not developing refined points.

  • Encourage open and free-flowing conversations. Create an environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts without judgment.
  • Use techniques like mind mapping, word association, or even role-playing to spark creative thinking.
  • Encourage the team to generate as many ideas as possible without worrying about quality at this stage.

Embark on Idea Evaluation

Once your team has a good cache of ideas, the evaluation phase can begin. Assess the practicality of each idea. Consider factors like budget, resources, and timeline. Evaluate whether the ideas align with the business’s objectives and target audience. Look for innovative ideas that stand out and offer a unique angle or approach.
Narrow down the ideas by having the team vote on the top ideas. This can help identify the most popular and promising concepts. Sometimes, combining elements from different ideas can lead to something even more powerful and original.

Develop Ideas into the Concept

Once the ideas have been selected, it is time to develop them further. This includes figuring out the storyline, message, tone, and visuals. At this point, the group may create rough storyboards or outlines to visualize how the video will unfold.

Once the idea has been developed into a concept, it should be further refined based on feedback, making necessary adjustments to improve its impact and effectiveness. A script can then be written that outlines the dialogue, narration, and key visuals. With the storyboard and script ready, it will be time to start the actual video production, including filming, editing, and adding any necessary animations or graphics.

Brave Dog Will Guide You Through Your Entire Video Process – From Concept to Completion

While the video production process may seem complex and daunting, working with the right team can make every step seem easier. Partnering with a trusted video production company also assures your finished video will be impressive, memorable, and effective.

Brave Dog will not only deliver a professional video that not only meets and exceeds your expectations, but your video will be something that truly reflects your business and makes you proud. Our team will coordinate your entire project, from creative development to delivery of correctly formatted video files. With our team, you’ll always know that your video is in good hands. Contact us to discuss your ideas.

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