5 Ways Marketing Agencies Benefit From A Video Production Partnership

Remember those amazing Super Bowl ads that everyone used to look forward to during the football season’s grand finale? Once considered over-the-top, these types of story-telling ads are now being used more commonly, on a wide range of more affordable and accessible platforms.

In fact, today’s most successful digital marketing campaigns are largely driven by video. From social media campaigns to engaging website content, video puts promotions on a new level with content that is entertaining, inspiring, and shared. Video effectively supercharges marketing efforts and maximizes results.

Agencies Need to Offer Video Production Services

photographyMore businesses and organizations are ready to leverage the power of video in their marketing campaigns. According to a HubSpot report on the state of video marketing,

  • 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool
  • More than 99% of current video marketers planned to continue using video in 2021
  • Two-thirds of current video marketers planned to increase or maintain their spend
  • Among marketers not currently using video, 79% expected to start in 2022

For digital marketing agencies, offering video production services is a must. But what if an agency doesn’t have the resources for inhouse production talent, cameras, equipment, and video editing systems? Brave Dog offers agencies the opportunity to partner with a highly experienced video production services team that is flexible and comfortable integrating with agencies to meet comprehensive project needs.

Five Benefits Brave Dog Offers Your Marketing Agency

1. We deliver quality, professionally produced videos.
As more businesses use video, the quality and production value of video content is essential. A poorly done video can actually create a negative impression that hurts a campaign. Brave Dog is an award-winning team that maintains the highest standards for quality.

2. Our team provides experienced creative guidance.
In addition to an artistic vision and creative eye, our team has the project experience to guide you in the best practices and approaches for getting the job done with results your clients will love, while staying on-time and within budget.

3. We offer complete video production capabilities.
Brave Dog offers a diverse range of talents and capabilities, including motion graphics, animation, virtual tour production, video editing, audio mastering, and more. Our team also includes a professional aerial videographer and FAA certified commercial drone pilot.

4. We offer full-service project management.
Our team will coordinate your entire video project, from creative development to delivery of correctly formatted video files. Your agency team can focus on other aspects of the marketing campaigns, knowing that your client’s video project is in good hands.

5. Our video production services are affordable.
Our team operates skillfully and effectively with low overhead. We create impressive videos that exceed expectations, while working diligently to keep your production costs down. Our goal is to be an ongoing partner you can rely on for affordable video projects with great results.

Let’s Discuss Your Agency’s Video Production Needs

Is your marketing agency ready to leverage the power of video in your client campaigns? We can’t wait to work with you! Contact us to discuss what we can do for your agency.

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