Since 2017, Brave Dog has been providing video production services to a wide range of businesses and organizations throughout the greater Cincinnati area. The award-winning Brave Dog team develops dynamic and informative content with a creative visual approach. This year, the team is proud to celebrate our 200th video project. The Brave Dog Story Brave … Continued

The corporate video concept has been around for a while, but never before has this dynamic marketing tool been so widely used. In the past, companies made corporate videos and kept stacks of them in VHS format on a shelf with other promotional materials. Sales reps would take on trips, or show them on a … Continued

There are few visual experiences more impactful than an aerial view. A skyhigh perspective is striking and provides a level of visual detail that is hidden from an ordinary view point. Whether you want to showcase a sprawling campus, a new roof, or a high traffic outdoor event, there is no better way than with … Continued

We are often asked what is involved with video licensing, and why it is so important. Licensing is required for the use of most created content, such as fonts, pictures, music, and video. In short, licensing allows content creators to protect their work and helps to cover their cost of doing business. Protection of Video … Continued

The pandemic taught us a lot about adapting and making adjustments to stay productive during isolation. Among the most impacted were schools and educational facilities. Video became an indispensable tool for maintaining communication between educators and students. Even as most restrictions have eased and schools move back to normal classroom models, for many learning institutions … Continued

Remember those amazing Super Bowl ads that everyone used to look forward to during the football season’s grand finale? Once considered over-the-top, these types of story-telling ads are now being used more commonly, on a wide range of more affordable and accessible platforms. In fact, today’s most successful digital marketing campaigns are largely driven by … Continued

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